Dear Winston,

I must say your presentation and message far exceeded my hopes and expectations in ministering to our folks great need in the early days of their losses. Since the day of the event, I have had so many who attended call to express how your words spoke to their hearts during these very difficult days and how it gave them hope, comfort and the courage to keep on keeping on.

Earlier last year we had been at Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the Passion Play. God used the presentation by their potter to formulate a plan in my heart for the program at First Dallas for Surviving the Holidays. Little did I know that we had our own special potter. . . YOU! Others who had heard you speak assured us your teaching and visual presentation would far surpass anything we had seen. They were certainly right, and we are so grateful to have found you and been able to schedule you for this past year’s Surviving the Holiday event.

The words God gave you went right to the heart of the “why” issues of death and the purpose He has for those left behind. So many expressed such help, comfort and encouragement knowing by your demonstration and words that the potter never moves His hand from the vessel while He’s reshaping it. During the dark times of grief it is often difficult to see or feel God’s presence and understand that He is still working in us even though we don’t see or feel it. The scripture you spoke over them helped their faith to be strengthened, helped them to refocus and to know that indeed God is at work in us, even in the tumultuous days of grief and loss.

May God richly bless you as you pour your life into helping others see Jesus and His great love for us!


Diane Gates
Grief Share Facilitator
First Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas