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One interesting quality of clay is its impressionability. When an object is pressed into clay an exact impression is left. How like clay are we? Covenant Vessels makesthree sizes and shapes of trays using a variety of found tools, to press into the clay creating unique designs and images. So each vessel is one of a kind.

Each tray is a unique work of art designed for you. To order, please select a size, and I will contact you to help you design your tray.

Each tray comes with a gift box, and the following card with this message:


The fun for me in making these vessels is in exploring what designs can be made by impressing simple found objects or tools into the clay and then letting customers guess what tools were used to make the design. Was it a rope, pine cone, clothespin, or fan belt? As we are the clay and God is the potter, He is able to use many tools to shape His design in our lives. Have you thought about what impressions you are making on others? You are sure to leave a mark. Isaiah 64:8

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